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Regent Ducas is President of Power Web Videos. Regent is a 3-time Emmy award winning producer who spent over 25 years in the television industry. Regent has worked for many of the industry’s top media companies in leadership positions including NBC, Post-Newsweek, Meredith and CBS.

Differences Between YouTube and Facebook Video Hosting

Two of the most popular web video platforms are YouTube and Facebook. It is not surprising that companies attempt to use both platforms to promote their brands, products and services. However, each platform has its unique features and video hosting is not done in the same way on both Facebook and YouTube. To market effectively, [...]

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YouTube Video Marketing Strategy

While most people may visit YouTube to check out the latest viral videos or watch their favorite content creator’s next upload, they also manage to get a lot of information about businesses through the site. If you are hoping to use YouTube to help promote your company’s brand, and provide information to consumers about the [...]

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The Importance of a Website Welcome Video

Studies show that if you have a single video on your website, your chances of being on the top page of Google search results pages are 50 times higher. Similar studies also tell us that people end up spending an average of two minutes more on a website if it has at least one video, [...]

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